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About me

Hello, I am Carina Swiss, I live with my family in Lucerne. I´m a graduate Sports & wellness masseuse, tantra and sensual massages are absolutely my passion.

Thanks to my adventurous side, I was able to lead a very exciting life. Many years ago I found my way into the massage and fitness industry, masseuse, body pump instructor, fitness and personal trainer.

My curiosity led me to my first tantra massage course during this time. What I was able to experience and experience there was enormously incisive for me. I can say that thanks to Tantra I have regained access to myself and my feelings. Tantric massage is an individual and personal journey to yourself, to your masculinity and your primal life force.

You can experience tenderness and complete security with me. Because the touches of the tantric massage are unintentional and do not force anything. 


To avoid misunderstandings, I would like to expressly point out that tantra is not an open or hidden invitation to sexual exchange. Please refrain from questions about erotic interactions, such as a massage in my intimate area, OV or even sexual intercourse.

My massages are about the holistic touch of the human being and offer you well-founded, sensual and sensitive massage forms.

A massage is and always will be a massage.

Namaste for your mindfulness

Your Carina

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