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What is tantra

For me, tantra means heart to heart touching and ritual worship of the whole body. Tantra offers you a way to find yourself and your deepest needs and to feel completely accepted. Through mental perception you will develop a much more intense physical awareness of yourself. For you as the recipient, nothing has to apply, but you can let your male energy run free. You can enjoy tenderness,   security and highest erotic pleasure in a completely new form. The touches of the tantric massage are unintentional and do not force anything.

What is the process of the tantra massage?

You receive the massage undressed, we are both naked. Your body is touched with a variety of techniques that stimulate the flow of energy, sensitize the body and open the senses.

This makes you feel deeply relaxed and still awake.

The tantra massage follows a certain basic structure, your yang side (back) and your yin side (front) are massaged extensively. Because it corresponds to the tantric idea of touching the whole person.

In addition to this process, everyone has different needs, so I follow my intuition and creativity and the massage can feel different every time.

Can there be a sexual exchange during the massage?

no You receive holistic tantric massages from me, which give you a sensual experience, but are not an invitation to a sexual exchange. This offers you the opportunity to get to know your physical experience in a new way, free from expectations and goals.

 Tantra is not an overt or covert invitation to sexual exchange. I ask you to refrain from questions about erotic interactions, such as a massage in my intimate area, OV or even sexual intercourse.

My intimate area is absolutely taboo. 

What about hygiene?

I attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene. The bathroom is cleaned and disinfected after each use. Of course, this also applies to the laundry on which you are massaged and which you use. Before and after each massage, we both wash and disinfect our hands thoroughly.


According to the Protective Measures Ordinance, all body-related service providers are allowed to offer their services again.
I b
I am trying to implement all the prescribed protective measures for the COVID-19 regulation in my practice. Protection for you and for me has top priority.
I was vaccinated against Covid -19 06.2021 and booster 12.2021

Which massage oil is used?

I use cold pressed, organic, high quality oils.

They are odorless and also suitable for allergy sufferers.

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